Never use rm, instead use trash

Those who use command line heavily, they use a command called rm almost everyday. I myself use command line everyday, and I most often use rm for deleting files and folders. Things getting more worse when you chain -rf command with rm. Last week I was working on a project and I accidently run rm -rf command to my project root directory. Then all my codes were gone and it’s not reversible. Thanks to git, I don’t loose all my codes, but the latest uncommited changes.

After that incident, I tried to find some solution. Then I find an awesome tool called trash. It’s a simple node module and you can use it to your project. But I installed it globally so that I can use it anywhere on my machine. It deletes your files and folders just like rm but it put then to trash. So, you can undo the process.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.31.00 AM

The installing process is very strait forward. I assume your machine has already node and npm installed. If not, then install them. After that run this command on your terminal

npm install -g trash-cli

If it shows an error, try with sudo. Then you are good to go.

Using trash is very easy. If you are familiar with rm then you are already known to trash. It uses similar commands. Here is an example

trash file.txt

You can do some complicated operation also.

trash '*.png' '!welcome.png'

This command will delete all your png files except welcome.png.

Hope you will like it, and never use rm from now on. Peace.


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