Adminer, a great tool for accessing databases

Most of the web developers specially who used to write code in PHP, including myself using phpmyadmin for a very long time for database management. I myself used this tool for last 6 years or so. But recently I was introduced to a great tool called adminer while facing problem to install phpmyadmin on homestead box.


Long story short, it is a single php file which has almost all the functionality that phpmyadmin has with a bunch of other useful features. Also it supports mySQL, SQLite 2 & 3, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Firebird, SimpleDB, MongoDB and ElasticSearch where phpmyadmin only supports mysql. It is also extremely lightweight and portable as it is only one file. The compressed file is only 231 kB and if you use the English version without 36 other language’s translation it turns into 167 kB only. If you use mySQL only, then you reduce the size to 155 kB for translated version and 94 kB for english only version. That’s insane.

You can find a full comparison with phpmyadmin to their site. It can work with various plugins and has a bunch of themes. It’s released under GPL2 and Apache License and it’s totally free to use.

Besides that, it has a Debian package, Arch Linux package, WordPress plugin, Drupal module, Joomla extension (1, 2) Moodle plugin, TYPO3 extension, CMS Made Simple Module, Laravel, AMPPS, and Nette package.

After finding this, I just uninstall phpmyadmin form my machine and immediately switched to adminer. Hopefully, you would like it also.

Talk.js meet up presentation

Yesterday I gave a speech on talk.js meet up. My presentation’s title was JavaScript for the rest of us. It was on vue.js actually. The title is little weird as the context is different. My motivation was, I am going to introduce vue.js to those group, whose are actually backend developers, write mostly server rendered application, use a very least amount of javascript for improving user interaction. This group mostly used jQuery for their JS need. My goal is to introduce themselves with a wonderful framework, which has a very little footprint and a very elegant syntax to improve their js code.

As my talks’ title was little weird, Mafinar Bhai trolled me a lot, and he promised he will continue this for the next three or four months. I will try to enjoy those. 🙂