Why you should consider laravel as your go to framework of choice

Recently I was in a debate with 3 other very great software professional at Basis Software Expo, 2017 about Laravel vs Django. I know, comparing between these two is like comparison between orange and apple. Actually, our main target was to present the feature set that these two frameworks offer but in a form of debate so that, people especially the newcomers get a good grasp on these frameworks. We had a very limited time to debate, so we could not focus on all the parts. So, I think why not write a blog post about the topic and thus comes this blog post.

Laravel is a very popular web framework, it is the most popular php framework and probably the most popular web framework of any language as well. Though it is comparatively very new, but it has some awesome features. So, here is the features that you should know about laravel-

  • Laravel has a great community. It is huge and very friendly.
  • It has arguably the best learning site on the Interner, Laracasts. Jeffrey Way is a great teacher.
  • Laravel provides a whole eco-system. It ensures developer’s happiness from development to deployment.
    • Development: Valet, Homedtead
    • Built in Testing: both unit and browser testing
    • Code Review: NitpickCI
    • Asset Management: Elixir, Laravel Mix
    • Great Task runner: Laravel Envoy
    • Server Provisioning: Forge
    • Zero Downtime Deployment: Enroyer
    • Monitoring Tool: Cachet
  • Great ORM, built-in Queue System, Out of the box Redis support.
  • Scaffolding Tools: Spark, Backpack
  • Stable Release Cycle and LTS support. A new version of laravel comes every 6 months and a long-term support version comes in every 2 years.
  • Great features, like- realtime broadcasting (Echo), Multiple notification channels, Task schedular, Multiple drivers for most of the components(session, cache, queue, mail, events etc.)
  • Laravel has some great first party packages
    • Payment Gateway: Cashier
    • OAuth2 Server: Passport
    • Social Authentication: Socialite(support more than 80 sites)
    • Full-text search: Scout
  • Laravel is very beginner friendly with very little entry barrier.
  • Migration, Template Engine with markdown support.
  • Great Command Line Utility: Artisan.
  • Tons of community driven packages.

To be honest, Laravel is the best thing that happens to me in last 2-3 years. It prevented me from leaving php. I also wrote a bestseller book on Laravel in Bengali. If you are interested, you can also look into it.

Talk.js meet up presentation

Yesterday I gave a speech on talk.js meet up. My presentation’s title was JavaScript for the rest of us. It was on vue.js actually. The title is little weird as the context is different. My motivation was, I am going to introduce vue.js to those group, whose are actually backend developers, write mostly server rendered application, use a very least amount of javascript for improving user interaction. This group mostly used jQuery for their JS need. My goal is to introduce themselves with a wonderful framework, which has a very little footprint and a very elegant syntax to improve their js code.

As my talks’ title was little weird, Mafinar Bhai trolled me a lot, and he promised he will continue this for the next three or four months. I will try to enjoy those. 🙂

phpXperts Meetup-01 Presentation

I give a speech on first phpXperts meetup on 30th May, 2015 at Hubdhaka. Here is the presentation of that slide. The main focus of my talk was the new features that are coming with Laravel PHP Framework 5.1.