Nuruzzaman Milon

Programmer, Author and Tech Enthusiast

Work Experiences

PresentJanuary, 2020

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

Flixbus ( Berlin, Germany
  • Working as a full-stack engineer in Team Deathstar on Network Planning domain.
December, 2019July, 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Urban Sports Club ( Berlin, Germany

Working as a senior backend engineer to manage and manintain existing codebase as well as build new features. Taking care of financing, payment and GDPR compliance as well.

June, 2019May, 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Check24 Vergleichsportal Autoteile GmbH ( Münster, Germany

Working on the autoteile team as a full stack engineer to develop new feature, help with deployments and support the legacy codebase.

  • Projects
    • Autoteile - A price comparison site for all types of car parts with billing.
    • Reifen - A price comparison site for various types for car tires.
April, 2018May, 2016

Senior Software Engineer

Telenor Health ( Dhaka, Bangladesh

Created a digital healthcare solution that serves affordable health services (medications, informations, insurance etc.) to more that 5.5 million people and managed a team of 4 developers, 3 interns, 1 QA and a DevOps people.

  • Tonic SMSC
    • SMS sending and receiving hub for all Telenor Health SMS.
    • Used Lumen as an application framework, PostgreSQL as database server, Redis as queue server, Supervisor as monitoring tool.
  • Content as a Service (CAAS)
    • Full fledged CMS for managing all health related article, health tips, mobile application cards for the website, iOS app and Android app.
    • Used Laravel as application framework, PostgreSQL as database server, AngularJS as frontend framework.
  • Other Projects
    • Tonic App Backend - Supports Tonic Mobile App (Android and iOS) with all the external and internal services as a proxy gateway.
    • Tonic Doctor Appointment - Provides API for a doctor appointment booking system.
    • Castro - A campaign management tool for SMS, email and push-notification campaign.
    • Tonic Admin - BI and reporting tool for generating the various report, manage subscribers etc.
    • Tonic Core - Provides all necessary logic and business insights through API to all Tonic services.
    • Tonic Billing - Billing service for Tonic
    • Tonic Question and Answer - A community engagement platform for doctors and patients
    • CarrotCake - A clinical information management system
    • Navigator - A hospital and doctor directory for patients
    • Tonic CRM - A customer relationship management tool for Tonic call center agents
    • Configuration Management - Ansible and Jenkins based platform for automatic deployment
    • Tonic Movers - A tool for sales and marketing team for ease of their job
April, 2016February, 2015

Software Engineer

WeDevs Ltd. ( Dhaka, Bangladesh

Requirement analysis, product design, application architecture, coding, testing, code review, manage version control system. Manage a team of 6 developers, 2 software quality assurance and, 1 DevOps engineer, play the role as interim Cheif Technology Officer for about a month.

    • This is a huge monolithic application for the Rx71 health service, that includes Health article, symptom checker, doctor and hospital directory with booking, diet plan services.
    • Used Laravel as application framework, MySQL as database server.
  • Rx71 Hospital Management System
    • A cloud-based hospital management Software as a Service (SAAS) built with Laravel.
  • Rx71 Mobile App
    • An HTML5 based hybrid mobile application for Rx71 services.
    • Used AngularJS and IonicJS as main web based technology, also used for real time web chat.

January, 2015September, 2013

Software Engineer

Brotecs Technologies Ltd. ( Dhaka, Bangladesh

Works on web technologies both in frontend and backend web development. Also works as business intelligence for creating various reports.

  • X2Phone VoIP Service
    • X2Phone is a VoIP retailer management, billing and reporting tool.
  • AeroV Web GUI
    • AeroV web GUI is settings panel for maintaining Asterisk Server and changes its configuration written in Perl, PHP and C. It also has access control, activity log and rollback feature.
  • Captive Portal
    • Airplane entertainment module for Clarus LLC. It kept on a device called SAP-212, which is a call and application server that provides call, email and, other web browsing facility to passengers.
August, 2013February, 2011

Programmer and System Analyst

ITMedicus Bangladesh Ltd. ( Dhaka, Bangladesh

Write and manage codebase, database and product design, handle clients.

  • Telemedicine Information Management and Education System (TIMES)
    • This is a full-fledged telemedicine software, supports custom hardware for provide quality health care in rural areas.


Technical Skill

  • PHP, Node.js, Python
  • Laravel, Symfony, ReactJS, VueJS
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Typescript
  • Microservices, REST
  • Agile, Scrum, Kanban
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis
  • Beanstalkd, IronMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Codeception, Behat
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Amazon AWS(EC2, S3, RDS), Google Cloud Services
  • Git, SVN
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible

Programming Skill and Awards

  • Got 600+ accepted solutions at UVa Online Judge
  • Winner at National Collegiate Software Contest (NCSC), 2011 held at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)
  • Participant of National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC), 2010 held at Daffodil International University (DIU) (Rank: 17).
  • Participant of National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC), 2010 held at Islamic University of Technology (IUT) (Rank: 11).
  • Participant of National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCSC), 2010 held at Mawlana Bhashani Science University (MBSTU) (Rank: 4)
  • Participated in countless other national and online programming contests.



B.Sc Engineering in Information and Communication Technology

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University Tangail, Bangladesh
  • President, Society of ICT
  • Chief Organizer of 1st MBSTU ICT Fest
  • Member, Rotary Club of MBSTU

Books and Publication


Laravel PHP Web Framework

Dimik Publication
ISBN: 978-984-33-9190-2