How to become a Certified Laravel Developer

09 January, 2018

I just become a Certified Laravel Developer yesterday night. I did attend the exam 4-5 days back. After posting the news in facebook, I was overwhelmed with congratulations and question about the procedure. This blog post is the answer of that question.

Certified Laravel Developer

First you need to apply for the certification exam. Unfortunately it's not free and it's not cheap. It's €199 for personal certification. And you you apply for your team with more than 5 developer, you will get 15% discount. More will be found on certification site including preparation guideline, and frequently asked question.

After registration, you will get a link for the preparation guideline of your workstation. They use ProctorExam as the platform. It's quite an exiting platform, because they ensure the integrity of the exam. They capture your screen while you take the exam, use your webcam to capture your video, use your microphone to record sounds to ensure that you are taking the exam is taken by you, not anyone else. And you have to confirm your identity by uploading one of your photo ID. And as they are recording and uploading all of these to their server, you need to have a good stable internet connection. After sending all these, they will manually check your documents and within 24 hours, you will get the exam link. It's a closed book exam, so using internet or any other secondary device is prohibited. So, don't try to cheat, because they will eventually find out.

After get the exam link, you should sit on a well lit room alone. Exam duration is 45 minutes with 45 multiple choice questions. Negative marking is there, so if you are not sure, better leave the question blank. After answering all the questions, you got the chance to review all the question if you got time left. After finishing the exam, they took several days for asses and then you will get the certificate via mail if you pass. They are still working on the certification directory, and it will be published soon.

One last thing, exam is not that hard. Try to read the whole laravel documentation quiet a few times, I can guarantee will will pass the exam with ease. Happy coding...