Story behind my book

04 June, 2015

I have been facing a specific question last few days, after publishing my book. The question is how do I publish my book. This post is the answer of that very question.

You know I write blog posts and tutorials on different computer programming related topics. Last one odd year I have working on Laravel PHP Framework on my daily job. So, I decided to write a blog post series on Laravel. The latest version of Laravel was 4.2 then. So, I decided to write on Laravel 4.2. But within one week Taylor Otwell declared that next version of Laravel will be a major release version 5.0. So, then I started to look up on github commit and write accordingly. Ohh, I don't published any blog post as I was planning the whole series at a time.

Then one of colleague suggested me to publish this as a book. Then when my blog series is almost done, then I go a renowned publisher of Bangladesh, but he ask money for publishing the book. I was shocked, I told him, rather I will prefer to publish this as a blog post series than to publish it with my own money.

That night I talked with Tamim Shahriar Subeen Bhai through facebook chat. He told me not to publish the blogs until he read it. After reading the manuscript he decided to publish it. Then I started to working with a new spirit for publishing the book. Me, Tahmid Rafi Bhai and Subeen Bhai working very hard to publish the book. In the mean time, Taylor declared Laravel 5.1 will be a Long Term Support(LTS) release. So, I updated my book for the 5.1 version, and then send it to proof reader. After that, me and Rafi Bhai do page setup for the book.

Then within one week the book published on 26th May, 2015. Don't I forget to mention Laravel 5.1 LTS will be released on 9th June, 2015. So, If you are go with my book for learning Laravel, you will go with the most cutting edge features of Laravel.

My book took best seller position of Thank you all who ever make it possible. Wish me luck.